Wednesday, August 7, 2013

White Rabbit Cafe Moves in on Main Street

The White Rabbit Café & Patisserie will soon be added to the list of restaurants and businesses for residents to enjoy in downtown Greensburg. Located at 111 North Main Street, it is expected to be open sometime in August, just in time for back to school.

111 N. Main Prior to renovations.
Amber Kunselman, along with her business partner, Tommy Medley chose the City of Greensburg for their café for a number of reasons. Primarily, the high pedestrian and vehicle traffic along Main Street is essential to their marketing strategy.  PennDOT notes a daily traffic count of 11,000 cars passing the Courthouse on North Main Street.

“It is important that our business be accessible by walking traffic and visible to people driving through town. So a place filled with shopping plazas would not fit,” said Amber. 

Amber also noted that the architecture of the City, its central downtown, and its ability to stay small while being successful were all attractive attributes of Greensburg. 

Amber has added some color to the storefront.
The interior of the building needed to be transformed from a photography studio into a bakery and coffee shop.

“The building was previously Skysight Photography, but before that it was Lee’s Restaurant.   So, most of the storefront area was still designed for a café setting.  Building out the kitchen was the largest part of the project.” said Amber. 

Bright greens and pastel and creamy yellows will help to create the comfortable atmosphere that Amber envisions for the café. There will be a number of tables to relax at, along with a few lounging areas with couches. The café will also be a Wi-Fi hotspot, so students can enjoy the space as a different area to complete their studies. 
The renovations catch your eye from the street.

Amber, who completed the pastry program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and spent a few years as a pastry chef at hotels such as the Marriott and the Ritz Carlton, is expected to serve some delectable goodies at the White Rabbit Café. Tommy will be the in house barista, serving up specialty brews.

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