Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Business Profile: Sun Dawg Cafe

There is a new dynamic duo in town featuring delicious and eye appealing dishes. Ray and Rachel Flowers work well together developing flavor combinations and ingredient ideas that are unique. Having different perspectives is what helps them grow in the restaurant industry collaborating with one another.  The process is like “it’s a love fest” Rachel says to Ray as she rushes through the kitchen to retrieve boxes from the kitchen for the eagerly waiting guests. It’s a phrase heard often by this duo since opening Sun Dawg Café in late October 2012.

Sun Dawg Café has established itself in the heart of Greensburg marketing and catering to the abundance of downtown customers. Rachel and Ray Flowers are familiar with Greensburg’s market and have returned to capitalize on their experience.  They have crafted Sun Dawg Café as a concept aiming to dish out good food in a rollicking atmosphere focusing on the eye appeal of many featured dishes.

Sun Dawg Café, 41 N. Main Street, in Downtown Greensburg has “an casual design with a splendid menu featuring healthy if you want healthy and junky if you want junky,” according to owner Rachel Flowers.

Mr. Flowers says, the original plan was a food truck, but they found a place in the heart of Greensburg, and it just fit the idea. Considering Downtown is known for the “evening bar” and restaurant scene. Sun Dawg Café carries a niche that not many local restaurants do. They feature the convenience of all day features, and the fast paced life style “of curb service to catering.”

 “Our concept is everything people want with a fun, northern and relaxing attitude,” Flowers said.

The more than 500-square-foot business features a list of lunch and breakfast served all day including everything from salads and tacos to “What the Fallafel Taco” and “Philly Style” Cheese Steaks.

Entrees don’t just include your well rounded Lunch. They also serve breakfast with a twist including The Jack Moran Breakfast which entails “2 eggs, potatoes, baked beans, bacon, hot dogs, and tomatoes served with a wedge of Dubliner Cheese.”

Sun Dawg Café accommodates to clients taste and desire featuring many vegetarian options are freshly prepared and stacked high.

“Although the menu is broad and diverse, we’ve kept it to certain specialty dishes, if you will,” said Certified Executive Chef Ray Flowers. Sun Dawg Café has been open six weeks and the menu has already changed three times. “Featuring 6 hotdogs are all quarter-pound hotdogs and they aim to please with toppings everybody just loves.” The “Cuban Dawg” is among the favorites consisting of pork, pickles, white American-finished with honey mustard.

There’s also a varied selection of salads, soups, sides and desserts.

Mrs. Flowers says, “Having a different viewpoint- we have cooked for lots of different places and have different styles. There is nothing we wouldn’t consider.” “We will take the main ingredient or idea, and twist it with different applications or styles, talk our way through the idea, then work out a procedure.”

Economically friendly, for just in town craving or if your taking your kids out for dinner. “Healthy and fun has never been a better atmosphere for breakfast with a twist, on a Thursday or Friday night. You learn concepts have become different, but adaptable”, says Flowers. If you’re not learning you’re not going to go anywhere. Every day is an experience, even the comical days, say owners.

The “best experience” since they started in the food industry twenty-one years ago is the people they meet. Work is work no matter where they go; making people happy is their specialty.

Don’t delay and stop in to meet this fantastic duo in Downtown Greensburg.  Whatever your craving, they are sure to make you happy with a suggested dish. The Sun Dawg Café is open Monday- Wednesday from 7:30am-4pm, and Thursday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm. For more information visit www.sundawgcafe.com or call (724)-205-6939.