Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Business Profile: Sun Dawg Cafe

There is a new dynamic duo in town featuring delicious and eye appealing dishes. Ray and Rachel Flowers work well together developing flavor combinations and ingredient ideas that are unique. Having different perspectives is what helps them grow in the restaurant industry collaborating with one another.  The process is like “it’s a love fest” Rachel says to Ray as she rushes through the kitchen to retrieve boxes from the kitchen for the eagerly waiting guests. It’s a phrase heard often by this duo since opening Sun Dawg Café in late October 2012.

Sun Dawg Café has established itself in the heart of Greensburg marketing and catering to the abundance of downtown customers. Rachel and Ray Flowers are familiar with Greensburg’s market and have returned to capitalize on their experience.  They have crafted Sun Dawg Café as a concept aiming to dish out good food in a rollicking atmosphere focusing on the eye appeal of many featured dishes.

Sun Dawg Café, 41 N. Main Street, in Downtown Greensburg has “an casual design with a splendid menu featuring healthy if you want healthy and junky if you want junky,” according to owner Rachel Flowers.

Mr. Flowers says, the original plan was a food truck, but they found a place in the heart of Greensburg, and it just fit the idea. Considering Downtown is known for the “evening bar” and restaurant scene. Sun Dawg Café carries a niche that not many local restaurants do. They feature the convenience of all day features, and the fast paced life style “of curb service to catering.”

 “Our concept is everything people want with a fun, northern and relaxing attitude,” Flowers said.

The more than 500-square-foot business features a list of lunch and breakfast served all day including everything from salads and tacos to “What the Fallafel Taco” and “Philly Style” Cheese Steaks.

Entrees don’t just include your well rounded Lunch. They also serve breakfast with a twist including The Jack Moran Breakfast which entails “2 eggs, potatoes, baked beans, bacon, hot dogs, and tomatoes served with a wedge of Dubliner Cheese.”

Sun Dawg Café accommodates to clients taste and desire featuring many vegetarian options are freshly prepared and stacked high.

“Although the menu is broad and diverse, we’ve kept it to certain specialty dishes, if you will,” said Certified Executive Chef Ray Flowers. Sun Dawg Café has been open six weeks and the menu has already changed three times. “Featuring 6 hotdogs are all quarter-pound hotdogs and they aim to please with toppings everybody just loves.” The “Cuban Dawg” is among the favorites consisting of pork, pickles, white American-finished with honey mustard.

There’s also a varied selection of salads, soups, sides and desserts.

Mrs. Flowers says, “Having a different viewpoint- we have cooked for lots of different places and have different styles. There is nothing we wouldn’t consider.” “We will take the main ingredient or idea, and twist it with different applications or styles, talk our way through the idea, then work out a procedure.”

Economically friendly, for just in town craving or if your taking your kids out for dinner. “Healthy and fun has never been a better atmosphere for breakfast with a twist, on a Thursday or Friday night. You learn concepts have become different, but adaptable”, says Flowers. If you’re not learning you’re not going to go anywhere. Every day is an experience, even the comical days, say owners.

The “best experience” since they started in the food industry twenty-one years ago is the people they meet. Work is work no matter where they go; making people happy is their specialty.

Don’t delay and stop in to meet this fantastic duo in Downtown Greensburg.  Whatever your craving, they are sure to make you happy with a suggested dish. The Sun Dawg Café is open Monday- Wednesday from 7:30am-4pm, and Thursday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm. For more information visit www.sundawgcafe.com or call (724)-205-6939.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GCDC Intern Experiences Shopping and Culture

While I’m away at school, caught up in the busyness of my senior year in the city, I find myself reminiscing about the simple life. I absolutely love the city life, but I miss my small town back on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Greensburg is very fortunate to have some very unique shops and restaurants with people that make you feel like a part of this community, no matter if you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re visiting town for the first time. That’s what I love about Greensburg no one is a stranger as a student all are intrigued in what your involved with and where your going.
In these shops and restaurants, you’ll also find the upmost quality in services and goods. Each door holds unique treasures and wonderful people. Another great asset of Greensburg’s local shops is the atmosphere. The walls have so much individuality that I highly recommend going to the local stops to catch the scenery.

As the GCDC fall semester intern, I have learned Greensburg is more than my “college” home; it’s a very vibrant city.  My friend Annie has listened to me share information about new businesses and events within the City the past few months.  Last Saturday was the opportunity for us to have a great day in Greensburg.  With The Clarks concert at The Palace Theatre as the highlight, we decided to go on a little day-date to rave the City before the big night.

Many would agree the nicest thing about living Downtown Greensburg and attending Seton Hill University is being able to pop in to businesses, restaurants and galleries without taking up so much time that you worry about having "enough" time to enjoy things you want to see.
One of my favorite local stops was the Cupcake shop. This place serves the most gourmet flavors. Although a cupcake is just a cupcake, it serves many purposes for the holiday events around Greensburg.

Annie and I ventured to “Never Enough Boutique.” Now I must admit, I always look past this place because I thought it was just to fancy. So I have been a little skeptical about going in, until I saw that they were hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness event. Score! I had planned to make it over there at some point and was glad to have the company.


Walk in the front doors you are transported into time thanks to the atmosphere. There are antiques on the shelves and the walls look like the inside of a dream. The friendly faces of sales clerks also add to the fashion of the “Never Enough Boutique”. Someone is there to greet every person who enters the front door and spark up a conversation.

After several hours of shopping, our attention shifted to food and drinks. We decided to visit Oliver’s Pourhouse for a quality bite to eat.  Let me tell you, it was an experience to remember.  My new personal favorite is the Angel Cut Prime Rib, but everything on the menu sounded delicious! Annie selected the grilled chicken salad with french fries. Coming from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I was raised on french fries and vinegar.  Another first in Greensburg; I have never experienced french fries on a salad. This is a crazy combination!

Oliver’s offered us a front row dinning experience we had great service, and our Pretty in Pink Martini’s just added the perfect taste to our gourmet meals it put “glamorous touch” to girls night out in Downtown Greensburg. We had saved our cupcakes for last- Pumpkin Spice and Red velvet were what we had been saving room for all night. I’m partial to the white cake and chocolate icing, but the red velvet is great as well. Oliver’s wasn’t the last stop, we took some time to browse the antiques on display, the trinkets for sale and the vast clothing selection at “Bella Botique”. The boutique carries a unique treasure of Greensburg, and I guarantee that you can spend quite a few lovely hours there shopping for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.  

The time swept by and before you knew it Annie and I started walking to Otterman Street to experience the night. We made a special stop into Rialto to see some of the best bartenders, sat down for a drink of choice, and discussed what a great time we had in the City of Greensburg. In just a matter of time we would be experiencing The Palace Theatre for the first time featuring The Clarks benefiting The Boys and Girls Club.

The Clarks performance was a hit we had front row seats in the upper level balcony. We felt so special, I know they are a big hit around here, but a slight confession to make…I never saw a show of theirs. I had never seen their show…or heard a song. Every time they were in Greensburg during my four years at Seton Hill University or anywhere near, I found my self busy with prior engagements. What a bunch of mistakes those were.  For those big fans, you know what I’m talking about.  They put on a great live show and nothing but a sea of people accompany wherever they play. The Palace Theatre was loaded at the front of the stage. If you haven’t seen a show of theirs, its best you take my advice and catch a show when you can…cancel that appointment and pencil-in The Clarks.

During the concert I found the image of the band to be very modern. You won’t see them working the stage, wearing fine threads, or tons of jewelry; instead they let their music entertain the crowd. Although I never saw a show of theirs, nor heard any of their song Annie kept me informed on the popular favorites.  For one song, “Cigarette”I was speechless they played such a song, Scott (lead singer) lit up in front of the crowd as they cheered and sang along with him “Cigarette.”

The downtown vibe really gets going when well known bands come to town. You can see the spirit in the community really light up. The vibrant love of music and great taste for food bring friendly crowds to Downtown Greensburg. At least that’s what I experienced for this fall season when The Clarks arrived.

As the evenings set in, cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the rustling of drier leaves signal that fall is amongst us, the trees lining downtown Greensburg will be displaying their holiday ornamentation. Historic Downtown Greensburg’s unique character (and “unique” characters) comes into full view at this time of the year as well as the annual holiday parade takes place November 17. In December, I will be saying goodbye to a City that has been what I call the perfect occurrence, and to close friends. Although, “It’s never a goodbye, It’s see you real soon.”

For this vibrant community it is just the beginning, The Palace Theatre and Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center have created a season of fantastic live theatre and musical performances, along with traditional local productions of the Nutcracker and more. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see a show at either theatre, or experience downtown you have been missing the best clannish involvement. I would recommend checking out what this month’s events feature at The Palace Theatre and plan a night out in Downtown Greensburg.  I promise it is a remarkable experience you will be talking about for year’s to come.

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Evening in Greensburg at a SummerSounds Concert

An Evening in Greensburg at a SummerSounds Concert

With my summer passing quicker than I wanted and not getting to everything on my list, I marked my calendar with the date of a concert at SummerSounds so I would not miss it.  Music has always intrigued me and playing guitar myself, I know the time and determination it takes to create music. I especially love live bands that are visibly passionate about what they do.

On July 20th, Delta Rae, a roots pop band from Durham, NC, graced the audience of St. Clair Park with their passionate voices and beautiful melodies. Despite the rain that began the evening, dedicated SummerSounds fans came with folding chairs and umbrellas in hand.

Thankfully the rain stopped as the opening band, Carousel, delivered a contagious beat and dream-like vocals. Everyone in attendance could not help but tap their foot along to the sound of this electro-pop four-piece. Definitely check out Carousel in the link below and download their EP for free!



Now on to the main act of the night, Delta Rae! The band is comprised of Grant Emerson(bass), Brittany Holljes(vocals), Eric Holljes(piano, vocals), Ian Holljes(guitar, vocals), Liz Hopkins(vocals), and Mike McKee(drums). I have never seen such enthusiasm, as they played and sang with all their hearts. They danced and stopped their boots, winning over the crowd.

Several songs were preceded by a personal story from songwriters, Ian and Eric, about how the particular idea came to them for the song. It was amazing to hear that their music is inspired by the heartbreaks and joys of life that everyone can relate to. The single, ‘Bottom of the River’, off of their debut album Carry the Fire, is an upbeat and soulful gospel song, sung by Brittany. Her roaring, rich voice brought goose bumps to the listeners and was complemented beautifully by the other members’ backing vocals. As Delta Rae ended the show they were met with cheers for an encore. The audience’s wish was granted before the band gave a final farewell. Delta Rae definitely earned a lot of new fans at St. Clair Park that night. I would whole-heartedly recommend buying their album Carry the Fire. Go to their website http://www.deltarae.com/ for updates about the bright future of Delta Rae.

I really appreciate the SummerSounds Concert series as the event allows the community of Greensburg to get together and socialize, not to mention listen to amazing music! From my perspective, it’s also a great alternative to a movie for teenagers looking for something to do on a Friday night.  My friends and I will keep coming to SummerSounds every Friday night to listen to the great bands and musicians!


Submitted by Megan; a fan of live music and a student at Hempfield High School.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Antiques, Cuisine & Golf Legend Tour

Antiques, Cuisine & Golf Legend Tour
Experience fall foliage in the Laurel Highlands

While the countryside containing beautiful colors of fall will be amazing, an opportunity to taste artisan bread, “pick” unique and hard to find items, and see golf memorabilia and learn about the accomplishments of Arnold Palmer is an impressive experience.  This tour route covers 50 miles and takes approximately 1.5 hours without any planned stops.  The tour starts outside Greensburg at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 130/Humphrey Road (noted as the Greensburg / Pleasant Unity exit).

Attractions along the Route

Attractions along the Antiques, Cuisine & Golf Legend Tour are the following:

·         Friendship Farms Bakery -147 Friendship Farm Road, Latrobe, PA 15650 Bakery Phone:  (724) 423-1545 (approx. 8.3 miles into the tour)

A visit to the Costello family farm takes visitors back to the “good old days” when you could buy meat directly from a farmer and delight in the aroma of homemade bread in the oven.  The Costello family sells a wide selection of natural breads that they bake from scratch with spring water, untreated flours and organic grains. Angus range-fed beef from the farm’s own cattle is also available at their retail store.  Visitors can take a walk through the native plant nursery and learn about trees, shrubs and grasses native to our region. 

·         Foggy Mountain Lodge and Restaurant -117 Foggy Mountain Lane, Stahlstown, PA 15687 Phone: (724) 593-1000 (approx. 16 miles into the tour)
Stop by the Foggy Mountain Lodge and Restaurant to relax and enjoy drinks or a fine dining experience. Foggy Mountain Lodge is located on 120 secluded acres of fields and woodlands that create a beautiful and serene country setting. The restaurant features a cathedral ceiling for a comfortable atmosphere as guests relax and enjoy gourmet meals by the firelight and warmth of the stone fireplace. The full service bar features six beers on tap. When weather permits, guests may dine outside on the large patio deck.

·         Out of the Fire Café -3784 PA Route 31, Donegal, PA 15628 Phone: (724) 593-4200 (Tour deviation to Donegal, Pa.  Turn Right onto Route 711.  At the intersection of Route 31, turn left.)
Out of the Fire Café is a family owned and operated restaurant with an upscale menu but casual atmospherere that serves New American cuisine. The open kitchen allows guests to gaze into the enthralling scene of flames and artistic finesse as Out of the Fire’s skilled team creates delicious and visually tempting appetizers, entrees and desserts. The dining area is complemented by a stunning view of the Laurel Highlands ridgeline that is even more beautiful with the season’s changing leaves. Out of the Fire also offers seasonal deck dining. Out of the Fire is a BYOB establishment, so bring your favorite beer or wine.

·         Fort Ligonier -200 South Market Street, Ligonier, PA 15658 Phone: (724) 238-9701 (approx.  26 miles into the tour)
During the eight years that it served as a military base, Fort Ligonier was never taken by an enemy. During Pontiac’s War of 1763, it was vital for British communication and supply lines. Fort Ligonier was attacked twice and was besieged by the Native Americans prior to the pivotal victory at Bushy Run. When Arthur St. Clair was appointed civil caretaker, Fort Ligonier was retired from active service. Visit the museum galleries and the famed Fort to explore its history. Allow at least an hour to tour Fort Ligonier with some extra time to visit the Museum Store.

·         Graham’s Antique Mall -2397 Route 30 West, Ligonier, PA  15658 Phone: (724) 238-8611  (approx. 28.7 miles into the tour)     

Find just about anything from furniture to tools and a large selection of jewelry. With 40 antique dealers all under one roof, you’ll be sure to find some unique treasures to bring back home.

·         Arnold Palmer Memorabilia at SpringHill Suites by Marriott -115 Arnold Palmer Drive, Latrobe, PA 15650 Phone: (724) 537-7800 (Tour deviation to SpringHill Suites)

During the development of Latrobe’s newest hotel, the owners wanted to offer something special for guests and visitors.  Given the connection between Arnold Palmer with the City and the region, the logical choice was creating a signature lobby that honors a favorite native son.  Visitors are invited to see his memorabilia and view a documentary and photo history of his personal and professional career.  The hotel is situated less than one mile from Arnold Palmer's Latrobe Country Club and near the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve adjacent to Saint Vincent College.

·         Dining Options along Route 30 in Greensburg

Downtown Greensburg offers an eclectic mix of dining choices with local establishments offering traditional pub favorites to upscale American Style cuisine. From traditional Italian to hamburgers, sushi, crepes and tapas style cuisine, visitors can enjoy dinner while taking advantage of prevalent outdoor seating this fall. Two Greensburg favorites along Route 30 to choose from during your fall foliage driving tour are Robokyo and Pepperwood. Both options offer patio seating and live music on select evenings.

Robokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi- 117 Toll House Road, Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone: (724) 834-7423 
Robokyo offers hibachi style steak, chicken and seafood made by chefs who entertain guests with tricks and fire in one of the hibachi rooms. An extensive menu of sushi and appetizers is available at the lounge and patio for those who would like a more intimate dining setting.

Pepperwood Grille -5290 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone: (724) 853-8121
Pepperwood serves a seasonal menu filled with fresh seafood, steaks, salads, brick oven pizzas and specialty burgers and sandwiches.

Description of the Route

  • Start outside Greensburg at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 130/Humphrey Road (noted as the Greensburg / Pleasant Unity exit).
  • Proceed south on Route 130/Humphrey Road towards Stahlstown.  Route 130 passes through the communities of Pleasant Unity and Lycippus.
  • In Stahlstown at the intersection of Route 130 and Route 711, turn left and proceed north on Route 711.
  • In Ligonier at the intersection of Route 711 and Route 30, turn left and proceed west to Latrobe.
  • In Latrobe at the intersection of Route 30 and Route 981, turn left on Route 981 and proceed south to Pleasant Unity.
  • At the stop sign intersection with Route 130, turn right.  (At this point, you are returning to Greensburg.)
  • Proceed on Route 130 to the intersection with Route 30 outside of Greensburg.

Choose one or all of the stopping points to create a memorable experience this fall, and enjoy your scenic drive through the beautiful Laurel Highlands! Alternate routes can be found at the Laurel Highlands Visitor’s Bureau. Click the link to find out more: http://www.laurelhighlands.org/laurel-highlands/outdoor-activities/pennsylvania-fall-foliage.asp

Wine, Berries and Burgers Tour

Wine, Berries and Burgers Tour
Experice fall foliage in the Laurel Highlands

When the season changes from summer to fall, the leaves also begin to change from green to lively hues of red, orange, pink, purple and yellow. The vibrant explosions of color seen across the Laurel Highlands region make this time of year a favorite for many people. Consider taking this scenic drive beginning in Greensburg to see the breathtaking views our region has to offer.

Drive straight through the route and enjoy the scenery from inside your car, or take an entire day to make several leisurely stops along the way for added fun. Enjoy wine, berries and burgers at the noted stopping points. The driving route covers 34 miles and will take 1.5 to 4 hours (depending on the number and length of stops).

Attractions along the Route

Attractions along the Wine, Berries and Burgers Tour are the following:

·         Stone Villa Wine Cellar - Corner of Clay Pike and Alice,  1085 Clay Pike Road, Acme, PA 15610 Phone: (724) 423-5604 (Approx. 30 minutes into the drive)
Stone Villa is located on a 150 acre site in the foothills of the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. The name comes from ancestors of co-owner of the wine cellar Randy, whose grandparents were wine makers and stone masons. Stone Villa features over 12 varieties of grapes and over 20 varieties of wines. With the new facilities, production is expected to be around 15,000 gallons a year, but can handle 20,000 gallons or 10,000 cases of wine. A relaxing atmosphere, beautiful landscape and patio and tasteful wine make a trip to Stone Villa a revitalizing and memorable trip.

·         Polymath Park Resort-187 Evergreen Lane, Acme, PA 15610 Phone: (877) 833-7829
Polymath Park Resort features the famous Usonian Style architecture of the Duncan House created by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as the Balter and Blum Houses. Take a tour to marvel at the work of one of the world’s most celebrated architects, and enjoy wine, dessert or a meal at Tree Tops Restaurant. Some tour options even include a walking tour ending with an outdoor picnic or a horse-drawn carriage tour. Call the (877) 833-7829 x2 to book a tour and learn pricing information for each package.

·         Sand Hill Berry Farm and Greendance Winery-304 Deerfield Road  and 306 Deerfield Road, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666 Phone: (724) 547-4760 and (724) 547-6500 (approx. 26 miles into the drive)
Sand Hill Berries is a family-owned and operated small fruits farm specializing in red and yellow raspberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. The farm also creates a line of products including jams, jellies, vinaigrettes and unique gourmet products. Fresh daily baked goods including berry pies, cheesecakes and cookies are also available at the farm and farm markets. Call a day or more ahead of time if you wish to place an order for berries and baked goods to ensure they have what you need when you arrive.

Greendance is the winery at Sand Hill. The Lynn and Schilling families of Sand Hill Berry Farm partnered with the Vinoski family, who has been making wine and growing grapes for years. Because of their dedication and award-winning success as private enologists, the Vinoskis envisioned a winery to make their passion available for all to appreciate. Greendance offers over 40 wines that are free for tasting every day. Their Nectar Garden and outdoor Cafe are open daily for visitors to sit, sip, and enjoy the warm sun and gentle breezes through the flowers. Weekends provide added entertainment with live music on the patio stage. A full calendar of musical guests can be seen at www.greendancewinery.com.

·         The Olde Spitfire Grille-1517 Broad St, Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone:(724)-205-6402(approx. 34 ½ miles into the tour)
The Olde Spitfire Grille in Greensburg provides an contemporary but comfortable atmosphere with delicious foods for any appetite.The Olde Spitfire Grille specializes in American, down-home fare. Out of their impressive smoker, comes everything from beef brisket, to their house-smoked wings...try the signature "Mitch's Mambo BBQ Sauce". It is open for lunch only on Sundays, dinner and late night beer and cocktails Tuesday through Saturday. Dine inside or enjoy an evening of live entertainment as local bands play on the outdoor patio.

Description of the Route

· Start outside Greensburg at the intersection of Route 30 and Mt. Pleasant Road (noted as the Greensburg / Mt. Pleasant exit).
· Proceed South on Mt. Pleasant Road towards the community of Norvelt.
· After passing the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg campus, turn left so to remain on Mt. Pleasant Road.
· At the intersection of Mt. Pleasant Road and Kecksburg Pike Road, turn left.  A BP gas station will be a landmark.
· Follow Keckburg Pike Road to the village of Keckburg (approx. 10 miles).
· At Kecksburg, continue straight onto Clays Pike Road which ends at Route 31 in Donegal.
· Turn Right at the intersection of Clays Pike Road and Route 31 (approx. 15.6 miles)
· Follow Route 31 to the town of Mt. Pleasant (approx. 23 miles).  Turn right onto Route 819 and return to Greensburg.

Choose one or all of the stopping points to create a memorable experience this fall, and enjoy your scenic drive through the beautiful Laurel Highlands! Alternate routes can be found at the Laurel Highlands Visitor’s Bureau. Click the link to find out more: http://www.laurelhighlands.org/laurel-highlands/outdoor-activities/pennsylvania-fall-foliage.asp

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dining Experience at Robokyo and Downtown Tour

While planning a weekend date, I thought of all of the unique privately-owned restaurants that I have learned about during my summer internship at the Greensburg Community Development Corporation. There are countless options to choose from, depending on the type of food you’re craving and desired setting.

Outdoor bar at Robokyo
My boyfriend Michale and I both love Asian style cuisine, so we decided to eat at Robokyo Steakhouse & Sushi.  Robokyo is a Japanese style hibachi restaurant that also has an extensive menu of traditional and specialty sushi and appetizers. Guests may dine inside one of the hibachi rooms for fresh steak, chicken and seafood, prepared on downdraft smokeless Hibachi tables by skilled chefs that entertain guests with tricks and fire while cooking. For guests looking for a more intimate setting, the restaurant also contains a quiet lounge in addition an outdoor patio and bar.

Fried rice with chicken at Robokyo's outdoor patio
 We decided to enjoy a casual date on the outdoor patio, which features a bar with beautiful stonework and tables shaded by umbrellas and adjacent trees.  Upon arrival and with the evening being beautiful, I noticed that other couples had the same idea and were enjoying drinks, sushi and appetizers.  We found a table in corner and spent a few minutes discussing the choices on the menu.  Although there was not a band playing on the evening of our date, Robokyo features live music on the outdoor patio on some evenings.

The food did not disappoint with flavorful dishes of fried rice topped with chicken and steak and garnished with colorful spirals of carrot and purple cabbage. The dishes were made complete with a side of Robokyo’s own ginger dressing. I also enjoy the Philadelphia rolls, made with cream cheese, smoked salmon, asparagus and jalapeno. Robokyo provides a great dining experience for any occasion, from a large group of friends to family dinner or a date.

Kiwi gelato at Sugar & Cream

After our meal, I decided to take Michale on a walking tour downtown. I told him about various shops I have visited and my favorite places to get ice cream and gelato, such as The Cupcake Shoppe, Sugar & Cream and Ice House Creamery. I also told him about the great drinks at DV8 Espresso Bar & Gallery, like Frozen Chai. I enjoyed sharing what I appreciate about the City of Greensburg. I would definitely like to plan another date in the City for the near future!
By Alex Hinton, GCDC Summer Intern

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Street Playground Improvement Project

Group photo of volunteers who helped with the Spring Street Playground Improvement Project
On behalf of the city of Greensburg and GCDC, thanks to the 40 Greensburg residents and boy scouts who made the Spring Street Playground Improvement Project a success. The volunteers gathered on Saturday, May 12 to complete the installation of playground equipment and spread approximately two tractor trailer loads of wood chips under and around the new playground equipment. The boy scout members of Troop 419 also installed a new basketball hoop and painted the basketball court. They returned to the playground at a later date to finish the playground improvements by painting a hopscotch court and 4-square game area.

Local boy scouts who helped with the impovement project

Greensburg residents of all ages are thrilled about the playground improvements. Melissa, a local mother said, “We’re really excited about it. I have a three-year old son, Gregory. He loves the slides. That’s one of his favorite things. We just hope this playground is one step towards revitalizing this community.”
Several children from the area showed up during the Community Build Day on May 12, eager to use the newly installed playground equipment. Shay, a girl from the neighborhood said, “It’s nice for us, and it’s fun to play. I’ll be using the ones that automatically spin.”
Neighborhood children playing on new playround equipment

The GCDC board members also thank KaBOOM Snapple/Dr. Pepper Foundation, Westmoreland Now & Forever Fund and People’s Natural Gas Company for providing the grants that funded the new playground equipment. The GCDC received a $15,000 grant from KaBOOM! Foundation Snapple/Dr. Pepper and a $15,000 matching grant from the Westmoreland Now & Forever Fund to purchase new playground equipment. People’s Natural Gas Company also supported the project by providing a $10,000 grant.
KaBOOM! Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to saving play for America's children. By partnering with local non-profit organizations, KaBOOM! fights this play deficit by constructing innovative kid-inspired playspaces, sharing knowledge and tools, and building a national movement to save play. Ultimately, KaBOOM! envisions a place to play within walking distance of every child in America.
The planning process to improve the playground and park began in late 2011. During a series of meetings, residents, community leaders and city staff discussed the potential improvements to the park and the type of play activity desired by the residents. Everyone agreed that kids love to climb on things and that the equipment must be durable. From these criteria, the group selected the specific type of equipment and vendor for Mayor and Council to approve. The new playground equipment chosen challenges children with climbing, balance, and strength focused play activities. The equipment is appropriate for kids ages 2 years to teens.
Planning meeting for the project
Because of the grants and the many people who were involved in this improvement project, the Spring Street Playground & Park is now complete. Thanks again to everyone who helped create a fun and friendly place for the children in Greensburg to play!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dining Experience at JCorks

Wanting to have a special experience with a friend from Seton Hill University, I decided to start my weekend at a local restaurant in Downtown Greensburg.  We chose to have dinner at JCorks Restaurant, located at 25 East Pittsburgh Street.

We had originally wanted to dine in the patio, but the gloomy weather altered our plans. Given the appealing nature of the patio, we want to return to eat outside.  We were seated in the front dining area, across from the bar.  The restaurant offers a cozy and private dining area for its guest. 

Wanting to preserve a historical building in Greensburg, while blending contemporary style, the owners of JCorks renovated the building in 2010. Beige walls, gold chandeliers and the large windows framed in the original trim providing a lot of natural light, create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and unique to the customer.

The service at JCorks is excellent. We arrived at the restaurant around 7pm and were seated within 10 minutes.  Our server was attentive to our needs and assisted us with food and beverage selection by offering several options. It was difficult to decide as we found a few items on the menu very interesting.

JCorks’ menu features traditional classics as well as new and contemporary dishes.  For dinner, I decided on the Chicken Parmesan pasta and was not disappointed with my decision. This lightly breaded chicken breast is served with homemade marina sauce and garlic bread over linguini. I am a big pasta lover and was pleased with this delectable entrée.  With my pasta, I enjoyed a delicious Coconut Mojito which our waiter referred to me.  My friend opted on the Lobster Riscotto pasta for dinner. This dish features garlic and butter poached Maine lobster tail over creamy parmesan riscotto.  I tried a bite; it was so good!

As we left JCorks full and happy, my friend and I concluded that JCorks in downtown Greensburg would be a place for us to visit more often as well as a place to recommend to our friends!

This article was written by India Lindsey, intern at the Greensburg Community Development Corporation. For more information about JCorks , please visit their website.