Monday, December 1, 2014

Get into the Greensburg Holiday Spirit

I began working as an intern for the Greensburg Community Development Center this August, balancing my time at the office with my time as a senior at Seton Hill University. This internship allowed me to become much more involved with Greensburg, and I fell in love with the city's unique businesses and lively atmosphere. 

One of my jobs as the office intern was to help promote the 2014 Greensburg Holiday Parade. I designed the posters for the event,  created and distributed the press release, and attended planning meetings at City Hall. After dedicating so much time to the project, I decided I had to go to the parade myself.

Bundled up in my winter gear, I stood huddled among a crowd of holiday jubileers one Saturday afternoon, eagerly peering down the street at parade attractions. We cheered for the floats, and reveled in the beating drums and blaring horns of marching bands. 

What better way to spend a Saturday than at a parade!

 The parade was a great success. Floats, bands, and other various organizations marched down Main Street on November 22nd, while people of all ages enjoyed the spectacle. It was a cheerful environment, with children dashing to pick up tossed candies and shake hands with mascots such as the Pirate Parrot and the Pirate Pierogies.  

Personally, I loved seeing all of the animals in the parade. Dogs, miniature horses, and llamas all walked down the city streets, guided by their owners and dressed in their holiday best.

 After the parade, my boyfriend and I strolled through Greensburg, looking at the festive storefronts. Seeing all the glittery Christmas trees, shiny ornaments, and smiling elves in the store windows really infects you with the holiday cheer. Greensburg shops go all out with their seasonal decorations! 

Carolers adorn the storefront at Penelope's.
Stockings and a gift-wrapped bicycle add festivity to American Adventure Sports.
We also stopped at the “Before I Die” wall, a new project in Greensburg, located on the side of the Art Tech building. People’s wishes and goals were scribbled all over the blackboard, written between the lines and in the margins. I added my own “Before I Die” goal--to read “The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls,” a short story written by one of my favorite authors, J.D. Salinger, that he instructed not to be published until 50 years after his death (the year 2060). 

Spending the day in Greensburg was a fantastic way to get into the holiday spirit! It was great to see that all of the business owners and citizens of Greensburg are as excited for the Christmas season as I am!