Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GCDC Intern Experiences Shopping and Culture

While I’m away at school, caught up in the busyness of my senior year in the city, I find myself reminiscing about the simple life. I absolutely love the city life, but I miss my small town back on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Greensburg is very fortunate to have some very unique shops and restaurants with people that make you feel like a part of this community, no matter if you’ve lived here your whole life or you’re visiting town for the first time. That’s what I love about Greensburg no one is a stranger as a student all are intrigued in what your involved with and where your going.
In these shops and restaurants, you’ll also find the upmost quality in services and goods. Each door holds unique treasures and wonderful people. Another great asset of Greensburg’s local shops is the atmosphere. The walls have so much individuality that I highly recommend going to the local stops to catch the scenery.

As the GCDC fall semester intern, I have learned Greensburg is more than my “college” home; it’s a very vibrant city.  My friend Annie has listened to me share information about new businesses and events within the City the past few months.  Last Saturday was the opportunity for us to have a great day in Greensburg.  With The Clarks concert at The Palace Theatre as the highlight, we decided to go on a little day-date to rave the City before the big night.

Many would agree the nicest thing about living Downtown Greensburg and attending Seton Hill University is being able to pop in to businesses, restaurants and galleries without taking up so much time that you worry about having "enough" time to enjoy things you want to see.
One of my favorite local stops was the Cupcake shop. This place serves the most gourmet flavors. Although a cupcake is just a cupcake, it serves many purposes for the holiday events around Greensburg.

Annie and I ventured to “Never Enough Boutique.” Now I must admit, I always look past this place because I thought it was just to fancy. So I have been a little skeptical about going in, until I saw that they were hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness event. Score! I had planned to make it over there at some point and was glad to have the company.


Walk in the front doors you are transported into time thanks to the atmosphere. There are antiques on the shelves and the walls look like the inside of a dream. The friendly faces of sales clerks also add to the fashion of the “Never Enough Boutique”. Someone is there to greet every person who enters the front door and spark up a conversation.

After several hours of shopping, our attention shifted to food and drinks. We decided to visit Oliver’s Pourhouse for a quality bite to eat.  Let me tell you, it was an experience to remember.  My new personal favorite is the Angel Cut Prime Rib, but everything on the menu sounded delicious! Annie selected the grilled chicken salad with french fries. Coming from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I was raised on french fries and vinegar.  Another first in Greensburg; I have never experienced french fries on a salad. This is a crazy combination!

Oliver’s offered us a front row dinning experience we had great service, and our Pretty in Pink Martini’s just added the perfect taste to our gourmet meals it put “glamorous touch” to girls night out in Downtown Greensburg. We had saved our cupcakes for last- Pumpkin Spice and Red velvet were what we had been saving room for all night. I’m partial to the white cake and chocolate icing, but the red velvet is great as well. Oliver’s wasn’t the last stop, we took some time to browse the antiques on display, the trinkets for sale and the vast clothing selection at “Bella Botique”. The boutique carries a unique treasure of Greensburg, and I guarantee that you can spend quite a few lovely hours there shopping for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.  

The time swept by and before you knew it Annie and I started walking to Otterman Street to experience the night. We made a special stop into Rialto to see some of the best bartenders, sat down for a drink of choice, and discussed what a great time we had in the City of Greensburg. In just a matter of time we would be experiencing The Palace Theatre for the first time featuring The Clarks benefiting The Boys and Girls Club.

The Clarks performance was a hit we had front row seats in the upper level balcony. We felt so special, I know they are a big hit around here, but a slight confession to make…I never saw a show of theirs. I had never seen their show…or heard a song. Every time they were in Greensburg during my four years at Seton Hill University or anywhere near, I found my self busy with prior engagements. What a bunch of mistakes those were.  For those big fans, you know what I’m talking about.  They put on a great live show and nothing but a sea of people accompany wherever they play. The Palace Theatre was loaded at the front of the stage. If you haven’t seen a show of theirs, its best you take my advice and catch a show when you can…cancel that appointment and pencil-in The Clarks.

During the concert I found the image of the band to be very modern. You won’t see them working the stage, wearing fine threads, or tons of jewelry; instead they let their music entertain the crowd. Although I never saw a show of theirs, nor heard any of their song Annie kept me informed on the popular favorites.  For one song, “Cigarette”I was speechless they played such a song, Scott (lead singer) lit up in front of the crowd as they cheered and sang along with him “Cigarette.”

The downtown vibe really gets going when well known bands come to town. You can see the spirit in the community really light up. The vibrant love of music and great taste for food bring friendly crowds to Downtown Greensburg. At least that’s what I experienced for this fall season when The Clarks arrived.

As the evenings set in, cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the rustling of drier leaves signal that fall is amongst us, the trees lining downtown Greensburg will be displaying their holiday ornamentation. Historic Downtown Greensburg’s unique character (and “unique” characters) comes into full view at this time of the year as well as the annual holiday parade takes place November 17. In December, I will be saying goodbye to a City that has been what I call the perfect occurrence, and to close friends. Although, “It’s never a goodbye, It’s see you real soon.”

For this vibrant community it is just the beginning, The Palace Theatre and Seton Hill University Performing Arts Center have created a season of fantastic live theatre and musical performances, along with traditional local productions of the Nutcracker and more. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see a show at either theatre, or experience downtown you have been missing the best clannish involvement. I would recommend checking out what this month’s events feature at The Palace Theatre and plan a night out in Downtown Greensburg.  I promise it is a remarkable experience you will be talking about for year’s to come.