Monday, July 15, 2013

Business Profile: TJZ Creations

Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jackson, owner of TJZ Creations, has enjoyed photography for many years. She remembers taking pictures as a child with old 35mm film cameras given by her family.  Tiffany’s passion began to develop when she took a photography class at St. Vincent College as a senior in high school.Before even graduating high school, Tiffany had secured an internship with Keith Lewis Photography. 

Tiffany decided to pursue her newly found passion by attending college for photography and graphic design, and eventually by opening the business in 2008. She earned a certificate in photography from Westmoreland County Community College in 2010. Tiffany is currently continuing her photography education through advanced training at the Triangle Tech Institute of Professional Photography.

Tiffany has received both personal and professional awards since opening TJZ Creations. She was selected for WHIRL Magazine’s 13 Individuals Under 30 Leading the Way, the 2013 The YWCA Rising Star Award, and Gold Award from the Tribune Review’s Reader’s Choice as Best Photographer.

TJZ Creations specializes in wedding photography, but Tiffany does much more than take photographs on the wedding day. She strives to create the perfect bridal experience for her clients; even helping to plan the wedding, choosing a venue, dress shopping, and much more.
Starting with the initial consultation, Tiffany enjoys developing a relationship with the bride and groom during every step of the planning process.  “I guess you could say that our motto here is that a fantastic relationship equals fantastic photos,” said Tiffany.

“I want the bride and groom to have their wedding be an experience. As their photographer, I want them to have special treatment,” said Tiffany.

Tiffany also enjoys shooting everything from senior portraits to newborn portraits. “I choose quality of my services over the number of clients I take on. I like to form a long lasting relationship with a client so that we can photograph them throughout the many milestones in their lives. Sometimes a wedding client turns into a client who asks me to photograph their newborn, which turns into their first year photos, and so on,” said Tiffany.
Tiffany shoots all of the photography and calls upon her husband, Aaron, for larger shoots. She believes that doing all of the photography herself is important because it is an art. Only she knows the client so personally.

To contact Tiffany visit or call (724)552-6751.
All of the photos accompanying this article are courtesy of TJZ Creations.

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