Monday, September 10, 2012

An Evening in Greensburg at a SummerSounds Concert

An Evening in Greensburg at a SummerSounds Concert

With my summer passing quicker than I wanted and not getting to everything on my list, I marked my calendar with the date of a concert at SummerSounds so I would not miss it.  Music has always intrigued me and playing guitar myself, I know the time and determination it takes to create music. I especially love live bands that are visibly passionate about what they do.

On July 20th, Delta Rae, a roots pop band from Durham, NC, graced the audience of St. Clair Park with their passionate voices and beautiful melodies. Despite the rain that began the evening, dedicated SummerSounds fans came with folding chairs and umbrellas in hand.

Thankfully the rain stopped as the opening band, Carousel, delivered a contagious beat and dream-like vocals. Everyone in attendance could not help but tap their foot along to the sound of this electro-pop four-piece. Definitely check out Carousel in the link below and download their EP for free!



Now on to the main act of the night, Delta Rae! The band is comprised of Grant Emerson(bass), Brittany Holljes(vocals), Eric Holljes(piano, vocals), Ian Holljes(guitar, vocals), Liz Hopkins(vocals), and Mike McKee(drums). I have never seen such enthusiasm, as they played and sang with all their hearts. They danced and stopped their boots, winning over the crowd.

Several songs were preceded by a personal story from songwriters, Ian and Eric, about how the particular idea came to them for the song. It was amazing to hear that their music is inspired by the heartbreaks and joys of life that everyone can relate to. The single, ‘Bottom of the River’, off of their debut album Carry the Fire, is an upbeat and soulful gospel song, sung by Brittany. Her roaring, rich voice brought goose bumps to the listeners and was complemented beautifully by the other members’ backing vocals. As Delta Rae ended the show they were met with cheers for an encore. The audience’s wish was granted before the band gave a final farewell. Delta Rae definitely earned a lot of new fans at St. Clair Park that night. I would whole-heartedly recommend buying their album Carry the Fire. Go to their website for updates about the bright future of Delta Rae.

I really appreciate the SummerSounds Concert series as the event allows the community of Greensburg to get together and socialize, not to mention listen to amazing music! From my perspective, it’s also a great alternative to a movie for teenagers looking for something to do on a Friday night.  My friends and I will keep coming to SummerSounds every Friday night to listen to the great bands and musicians!


Submitted by Megan; a fan of live music and a student at Hempfield High School.

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