Thursday, May 26, 2011

Renovations at Noviello’s Sunset Café are Finished

Noviello's Sunset Café Has a New Bar and Dining Room

Anna Jo Noviello in front of
the newly renovated bar
Anna Jo and Bob Noviello are excited to talk about the recent renovations of Noviello’s Sunset Café on Urania Avenue in downtown Greensburg. After working closely with the contractor for six months, they are very happy with the new design of the main dining room, restrooms, bar, and both entrances. The Italian restaurant has been in existence since 1933, and was the first in Greensburg to serve Pizza and Pasta. Anna Jo and Bob welcome customers that want to see the new venue or simply want to try the delicious menu items, wines, and cocktails.

According to Anna Jo, “the whole project grew out of needing a new waiting room.” It was too small and easily congested by customers waiting during dinner time, so something had to be done. During the early part of the waiting room renovation, ideas kept flowing around and suddenly, Noviello’s Sunset Café was in the middle of a full-fledged renovation affecting most of the first floor.

For Anna Jo, creating the new interior design was a simple process. She wanted the dining room and bar to be comfortable, modern, and reflect the focus of the menu which includes several seasonal dishes. Anna Jo decided to use the stone wall in the restaurant’s dining room as a basis for an earth-tone color palette that is calm, yet modern and upbeat. Her interest and ability for interior design resulted in a new look that has all come together.

The restaurant's history wall with
items found during the renovations
Guests will notice that the restaurant’s history could not be ignored during this project. Noviello’s Sunset Café has been family-owned since its opening after prohibition in 1933, when the Pantalone family turned it from a grocery store into an Italian restaurant and bar. “We’re proud of our history,” Anna Jo states. “We wanted to keep that history and found a unique way of blending it in with our new style.” During the renovations, the contractors found numerous historical items such as bottle caps, old menus, match boxes, and posters that are now immortalized in the ‘history wall’ at the entrance.

Despite the extent of the project, Anna Jo was surprised at how few problems she and Bob encountered. “It was the smoothest renovation we have ever done,” she notes. After fearing that the project would be a nightmare before its start, she now actually misses the contractors coming in to work on the renovation every day.

Try one of Noviello Sunset
Cafe's many delicious Italian
dishes this summer!
The customer response to the renovations has been both positive and supportive. As Anna Jo proudly states, “we have not had a single bad response to it.” She admits that she was originally worried because many customers are uncomfortable with change. Anna Jo and Bob made sure that the essential parts of the customer experience remained unchanged. Guests can still find their favorite dish, spend an evening with family, and enjoy quality homemade seasonal dishes for the same prices as before. The option of reserving a table was added to shorten waiting times during dinner.

Noviello’s Sunset Café is open Tuesday through Sunday, starting at 4 p.m. Both walk-ins and reservations under (724) 834-9903 are welcome. For more information about the restaurant’s history, menus, and specials, visit the website of Noviello’s Sunset Café at

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