Saturday, May 7, 2011

Business Person Profile: Todd Lash, co-owner of Charlie's

An Interview with Charlie’s Todd Lash
What types of food are on your menu? Do you have any unique foods?
Charlie’s offers burgers, subs, wraps, hot dogs, gyros, salads, pizza and breakfast items. Charlie’s is the only donut shop in downtown Greensburg.

When was Charlie’s established?
Charlie’s started as an ice cream stand over 30 years ago. Todd took over in the fall of 2009 and added a bakery. The donut and food menus were established in 2010 at the Monroeville location. The Greensburg shop was opened February 1st of this year.
Why did you choose to open your business in Greensburg?
Greensburg is a growing community. We took advantage of the opportunity to lease the best location in Greensburg; the corner of W. Otterman Street.
What is your bestselling item?
The pepperoni and spinach rolls are a favorite followed by the Italian hoagie.
What are the key points of your store’s downtown location?
The store’s location is central to most business activity in the City and across from Seton Hill's Performing Arts Center.
How has your business contributed to the growing downtown?
Charlie’s has offered a low-priced menu to city residents since opening Super Bowl weekend.  The combination of fast service and classic favorite foods appeals to our customers.
What specifically do you enjoy about owning your own business?
Todd and his partner enjoy making all the decisions; they are able to make changes immediately to capitalize on opportunities.
What is your educational background?
Todd has an associate’s degree in electronics, but has 10 years of experience in the field of restaurant management. He dabbled in the fields of electronics and real estate for a few years before returning to the food business.
What are your hobbies and/or interests?
Todd enjoys traveling when the opportunity arises, along with spending time with his family outside of his busy schedule.
In early May, Charlie’s will be offering online ordering and possibly delivery to downtown offices! for more information.

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