Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Brighten Up a Gloomy Greensburg Afternoon

Hi! My name is Sarah Oldham and I am the spring intern for GCDC. Throughout my internship I have been managing social media, writing articles for the Enews, and promoting the City of Greensburg. This blog post is about how easy it is to turn a gloomy day into one worth remembering while supporting local businesses in Greensburg.

The weather on April 15th was, to say the least, not what I was expecting. After waking up to snow flurries on the ground and walking to class through the wintery mix of rain and snow, I was pretty sure that I should have just stayed in bed. After sulking about the weather all morning, my roommates and I decided to brighten our moods and make our way to downtown Greensburg for an afternoon of shopping.

Our adventure started off at the White Rabbit Café & Patisserie. To warm up from the chilly weather, we had a variety of hot chocolates and coffee among the three of us. The barista made great designs in the foam of our drinks which instantly put us in a better mood! The hot cinnamon roll, chocolate brownie and giant chocolate chip cookie definitely brought smiles to our faces as well. Annie had never been to the White Rabbit, so Maria and I anxiously awaited her approval of our favorite coffee shop. She loved it!

After enjoying our delicious drinks and treats, we made our way to South Pennsylvania Avenue and Penelope’s gift shop to pick up some Easter gifts to take home for our families over break. I found an adorable book about bunnies for my goddaughter and Maria and Annie found Alice in Wonderland themed hanging signs. No one left empty-handed! We even found a selection of hand puppets that were too fun to pass up. So, literally, no one was empty-handed. Penelope’s also has a great greeting card section that is worth a look along with fun books, mugs and trinkets.

Artisans of Hands and Heart was the next stop on our shopping trip. When we opened the door to the shop we were graciously greeted by Helen, who creates some of the handcrafted items for the store. She showed us the best selling items including jewelry, pottery and hand stitched pins. We loved the store and its beautiful aroma of handmade soaps. We will be stopping back soon!

Our final stop was the NeverEnough! Boutique. I am a purse girl, and luckily my roommates were as well because I could have looked at purses forever. We fell in love with the store instantly and spent quite a bit of time browsing the selections. My favorite part of the store was the large variety of Brighton jewelry. The charm bracelets were the cutest! Annie loved the Vera Bradley purses and accessories, and Maria was fond of the different scarves. After a fun afternoon of shopping, NeverEnough! definitely put the icing on the cake!  

Transforming a gloomy afternoon into a fun shopping spree was just the turn of events I needed to brighten up my day. We stopped at a few of our favorite shops, and even found a new favorite after browsing Artisans of Hands and Heart. We are fortunate to go to a college that is surrounded by a community filled with unique places like these shops. And lucky for us, it's right down the hill! Regardless of how busy a semester may get, there is always time for a girl's day. We were happy to spend ours in Greensburg!

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  1. As a Seton Hill student, sometimes it seems so easy to jump in the car and head the the mall. What I sometimes fail to realize is that I barely even have to leave campus to get some of the the best things Greensburg has to offer.

    The treasures you can find on Pennsylvania Ave. are endless, and the other shops downtown are just as charming!


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