Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Formal Season has Begun!


Prom and wedding season is fast approaching. If you haven’t started to look for the perfect dress, then make an appointment today. Greensburg’s has some great local stores with something for everyone at decent prices.

Lapel’s has many formal styles to choose from. If price is a concern, a great feature the store offers is a price-fixed package that incorporates the entire tuxedo experience, which includes vests, jackets, pants and more. Packages start as low as $95 and can go up to about $150, depending on the designer.

 “We always tell a customer (regardless of budget) that if you’re unsure, to stay safe and go back to elegance. A look that’s classy, elegant and simple can’t go wrong,” said Kevin Miscik, one of the store’s owners.

Lapel’s has everything needed for a formal occasion in one store at a good quality. From ties to cufflinks to hair gel, Lapel’s has everything for a special occasion.


Certain events in our lives are more memorable than others. Many would argue that weddings and proms are at the top of the list. Finding the perfect dress is not easy and may take multiple consults before a decision can be made. Luckily, the Greensburg shops have talented staff ready to help uncertain buyers.

 When looking for a beautiful dress, My Sissy’s Closet is a great place to start! The shop is located on 233 South Main Street and always has beautiful gowns and dresses in their window display for all times of the year. With dresses that are stylish, colorful, fun and beautiful, shopping for the perfect formal gown is easy and fun.

Gowns that are popular this spring include neon colors as well as nude and silver colored fabrics. The Hi-Lo dress is the style for the spring, where more fabric is placed at the back of the dress than the front.

Judy Miller, owner of My Sissy’s Closet suggests that when shopping for dresses, it’s best to start early.
For girls who are prom dress shopping for the first time, some good advice is to have an open mind and try on dresses that even remotely strike the fancy. “Many times the gowns look totally different on you than you expect.  And rarely do they look like they do on the models,” said Judy.

Whether getting ready for prom, a wedding or any fancy occasion, both of these stores in Greensburg will have the styles, accessories and prices customers are looking for.

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