Monday, January 10, 2011

Promote Your Business in WHIRL Magazine

Greensburg was featured in
the November issue of WHIRL Magazine.
The next issue will be March 2011
WHIRL magazine is again featuring an “Explore Greensburg” promotional section in the target months of March, July and November 2011. 
While the theme of “spring fashion” is obvious because of the high concentration of retail shops in downtown Greensburg, the editions containing the “neighborhood guide” and the “food issue” themes will provide the GCDC with additional opportunities to encourage the readers to “Think of Greensburg” as a community with cultural, entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences.  The March edition will be distributed to the subscribers and the general public on February 25th.   
The editorial content will include a description of the “experiences” available within the City.  These experiences include shopping at locally owned gift shops and retail stores, dining at an established or new restaurant, and being entertained at a cultural/performance facility. 
Greensburg businesses that participated in the November 2010 edition of WHIRL  experienced high value exposure to the large audience of WHIRL readers both inside the City of Greensburg, and extending into surrounding counties and city of Pittsburgh.
If you are interested in being part of the next Explore Greensburg promotional section, you will need to contact Kate Dimond, WHIRL Account Executive.  Dimond can be reached or 412-431-7888. She can also answer any of your questions about this opportunity. 

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