Friday, October 8, 2010

Greensburg Entrepreneur Continues Tradition of Neighborhood Barber.

When Becky Swiger purchased Zippi’s Barbershop, she not only maintained operation of a significant neighborhood business, but she also maintained the social fabric of Greensburg.

Swiger is the owner of Beck’s Classic Men’s Cuts located on West Otterman Street. Swiger started her career in 1987 cutting and styling hair at a salon in Pittsburgh. Since then, she has worked in a wide array of shops from a high end salon in South Carolina to a local barbershop known as Richards Barbershop in Greensburg.

“When I started at Richards, it opened my eyes to a whole other way of doing hair. Barbering is a more precise and well defined way of cutting hair. I found that I really enjoyed this aspect of being a barber” noted Swiger when asked about her experience. After gaining an appreciation for the craft, Swiger further refined her skills working in various barber shops before the next impact on her career. Swiger introduced herself to a barber named Carlo Zippi.

Carlo Zippi owned Zippi’s Barbershop which was a landmark in the Ludwick neighborhood of Greensburg. “Zippi was very well known and praised around the community” says Swiger. When Zippi decided to retire he chose Swiger to continue the trade in his shop. “I feel so lucky and blessed and thank him silently every day”.

The shop is located between downtown and Route 30 at 622 West Otterman Street at the corner of Jefferson
Avenue. Swiger’s customers are from every age group, however, a large portion of the clientele are from a generation familiar with a classic locally owned barbershop. Swiger’s customers want to walk into a barbershop that offers the same fifties and sixties era ambiance that is special and hard to replicate. They remember patronizing the local shops with their father or grandfather and the personal experiences and stories shared. Beck’s Classic Men’s Cuts strives to maintain the atmosphere created by Zippi. When younger clients come in the shop, they realize that there is a certain atmosphere that only can be found in a neighborhood store. Swiger noted “While a haircut is a service that should be done quickly, I try to make it very distinctive and unique for each client”.

Tradition in a community such as Greensburg should be praised and supported since it is the foundation of our City. Locally owned shops like Beck’s Classic Men’s Cuts have had an influence not just in the area, but also the people who inhabit it. “The best thing about taking over the business is that I feel I am part of this community and part of the American tradition of small business ownership that focuses on personal attention and quality service. Having the opportunity to blend myself into the local history of the area and becoming a Greensburg business owner have become the most fulfilling parts of my life”.

When discussing the history of Greensburg, it is very common for local businesses to be the focal point of the story. It is hard to imagine Greensburg not containing a more entertaining and informative source of local news than a barber.

Store hours are Tuesday thru Friday from 9 to 5 and Saturdays from 9 to 2. Beck’s is a walk in business. Please call 724-467-0289 if you need a hair cut.


  1. Carlo "Zip" Zippi is my grandpap and I'm so happy to see tradition continue in his shop. Thanks Ms. Swiger!

  2. I discovered Becky at Richard's and have followed her to her new shop because I like the way she cuts my hair. I don't know whether to admit that I am not the usual customer. Becky does a great job with short women's cuts. I can attest to that! Nice article. Nice shop. My husband and I go together!


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